Deniz Rent a Car, Kaş

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A bold design that included writing all original content, as well as sourcing high quality photos and vehicle images. The site layout draws the reader in, providing them with as much detail as possible about the vehicles, rental terms and the surrounding area.  Large clear “calls to action” lead the potential customer to make an online reservation. Plenty of additional pages of relevant information, optimised for SEO, boost the site’s ranking in Google.

Design features include:

  • A clear home page entices the customer to read further, then presents them with a simple, clearly distinguished choice.
  • The custom car listing page cleanly presents additional information about each car. When the site owner logs in, a custom section makes it simple to update prices, add new cars, etc.
  • On the car listing page, clicking “daily hire rates” opens a detailed list of prices, which includes automatically updated conversion into other currencies. This avoids confusing the reader with too much information at once, while quickly showing them the information they need.
  • Custom contact forms ask only the minimum information, while making it simple for customers to select dates. This ensures the smoothest possible experience for the customer, minimising the chance of them leaving the site at this critical moment.
  • Customer reservations are emailed directly to the owner, and also backed up in an online database.
  • A professional appearance, including modern text effects, attractive rotating photos in header, and custom icons for car details.
  • Fully usable on mobile phones and tablets, including making reservations. On phones, the clickable phone number appears prominently at the top of the page, making it simple for customers to call directly.